The flat for You!

What can You afford?

Check in our calculator!

Our proposal is as follows:
PLN 1040 monthly ESCO-fee includes:

  • Your own 50 square meters appartment property
  • Fully furnished and equipped in TV-sat and kitchen facilities
  • with following services that were already paid for:
    • electricity supply
    • heating supply
    • LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) supply
    • water supply and waste water collection
    • cable TV
    • set of Netflix and Virgin
    • internet
    • mobile and land line phones
    • LED lighting
    • medical service for You and your family
    • set of insurances
    • banking (the Chaps payment system)
    • legal assistance
    • accounting assistance
    • tax assistance
    • protection of the appartment
  • car with discount fuel card (including 10 liters of fuel free per month). You can change the car every 3 and half year.

The ESCO-fee can include other additional services payable on amazingly attractive terms.

You can also purchase different kind of goods such as: clothing, food, chemical articles, etc. in our internet shop following the rule "You don't have to leave your house. You can buy in installments everything you need without paying any interest, no limits, cheaper than you can get it from the producer."

You choose standards of decoration, the furniture and kitchen facilities, we deliver and assembly without any additional fees.

Every flat/house will be equipped in TV-looking "headquarter center" of intelligent house called ARGO. Using it will allow You to:

  • watch your favorite TV channels,
  • listen to your lovely music,
  • surf the internet,
  • pay by Chaps application (mentioned above),
  • buy online,
  • connect online with your doctor,
  • purchase your drugs at a pharmacy,
  • control devices at home
and undertake many others activities.

The list of additional services will be continously growing.


The minimal term of agreement is 300 months which means 25 years. The longer is the term, the more services you can obtain with the same price!


Execute step by step:

  1. Enter your data in calculator of ESCO-ability for your family.
  2. Connect with our sales office, choose the house/flat from our projects and choose interior fittings.
  3. Submit your income declaration according to our formula.
  4. Sign the Preliminary Agreement.
  5. After the building and equipping process is done make the final Technical Inspection.
  6. Sign the Notarial Act of purchasing the house/flat and the Agreement for delivery of all of the services that have been mentioned in the Preliminary Agreement.


REPORT! - If the location of your house/flat is not according to our projects, WE will start with the new one immediately after we gather the group of people required to do so. (In case of house - You are the ONLY ONE required!)

REPORT! - If you know any piece of land suitable for building process, WE will check its usefulness.

REPORT! - If you have your own piece of land and you dream to build a house on it, WE will build your house and will equip it in everything you need and you will only pay us monthly ESCO-fee which will include all according services.

After required period of time your house will be your own property in 100%!!!

Still do not know whether ESCO HOUSE is for you?

Compare our ESCO-offer with buying a flat using a mortgage:

ESCO Mortgage
The area of the appartment 50 m2
The final price of the appartment 180 000 PLN
Period of payment 300 months, which means 25 years
Initial payment none 20% = 36 000 PLN
Interest none min. 2,87%
Monthly fee 1 040 PLN approx. 670 PLN
Decoration works included approx. 25.000 PLN
The furniture, kitchen facilities and TV-sat included approx. 20.000 PLN
Cost of basic services* 460 PLN/month (included) approx. 600 PLN/month
One-off costs none 81 000 PLN
Total monthly fees 1 040 PLN approx. 1 270 PLN

* Basic services include: water, electricity, heating, Internet, TV, mobile phone, land line, waste water collection, etc.


Create your house of dreams with ESCO-House and feel in heaven!!!


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